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Summer Camping

The place is open all the year: 01.01 to 31.12

Summer prices: 01. May to 30. October

  • Modern Washing and toilet facilities
  • Hot water for showers, toilets and wash basins, free of charge 
  • Disposal facility for chemical toilets 
  • Electricity connection points 
  • Washing machine and driers 
  • The small shop at the Reception has all the provision you need: food, drinks, camping i etc.


The prices ar per day in CHF

Per person 6.00
Per child (6-12 years) 3.00
Mobile home 8.00 - 13.00
Caravane 9.00
Car 4.00
Motor bike 2.00
Tent (big) 10.00
Tent (middle) 8.00
Tent (small) 6.00 - 7.00
Electricity 4.00
Dog 2.00
 Garbage taxes (per person) 1.00
 Visitor taxes (per person) 2.50
 Visitor taxes (per child) 1.25


Attention: We don't take any reservations, because we do not have parcells! 

Check-in by arrival 

Pleas check-in by the arrival at the Reception of the Camping. Attention: The Reception is open from the 15. June till 15. September. Outside this hours please check-in at the Restaurant "Hole in one" next to the Camping (Tuesday closed!).

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